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OC Oerlikon is a listed technology group headquartered in Pfäffikon (Schwyz), Switzerland. The name “Oerlikon” (or “œrlikon”, as the company styles itself according to its corporate identity) comes from the Oerlikon district in Zurich where the group has its origin.


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operaio (Former Employee) says

"Fabbrica piena di lecca...... ,basta fare quello e hai contratto indeterminato Cons: La direzione fa quello ke vuole"

Induction Furnace Operator (Current Employee) says

"Since the new director has taken over the shop has gone down hill. Hes a drunk with anger issues. He tries to run it like a 24/7 operation but has no idea what he's doing. Beyond under staffed as well. I highly recommend you stay away from oerlikon troy. Cons: No life outside off work due to the awful schedule."

Coating Technician (Former Employee) says

"It was a bitter disappointment management is a complete JOKE very rude very unprofessional did not care about employees what so ever no empathy for you or your situation I would NEVER RECOMMEND THIS DUMP"

Produktionshelferin (Former Employee) says

"ohne Auto keine Chance. Zwar wurde bei der Einstellung nachgesehen, ob der Arbeitsort mit Öffentlichen Mitteln erreichbar ist, aber die Arbeitszeiten waren nicht konform zu den Fahrplänen."

Employee (Former Employee) says

"I worked with Oerlikon for multiple years, its really hard to tackle with every day challenge in feeding managements need about productivity, reliability of machines. You have to roll your body standing for 10 to 12 hrs in a 7 day working hrs for 8 hrs, Mangement usually get only 5 days work in a week, offered time is 10 hours. No. Of management will get their jobs done in canteen with tea and coffee for min.an hour. Ladies has great advantage of getting promoting . No personal life for shop floor they owe you outside too. If you are looking for a good envirinment and job satisfaction then you are on the wrong TRACK. Office staff and shop floor are 2 opp. Teams working in different environment with diff. rules in same industry. Cons: LONG HRS dty, min wages, OT is 3 times less than basic, Gov off and wkly off with single OT wages. Big Thumb down 👎"

Warehouse Clerk (Former Employee) says

"No people skill, managerial skill. Management don't care about the people. Especially the hard working ones. They don't have meeting with the employee. Management. They don't have the time. Lead person don't have people skill, but he do show favortism to certain employee."

Service Engineer (Former Employee) says

"The company claims that they are Best in Class but the higher management don't know anything about management. Workers and engineers there are like slaves. The workplace is like WWII Work Camps or concentration camps. Good work has no meaning for them. There is no value for employees at OERLIKON. If you make one mistake even if it wasn't your mistake totally you will be accused. You can't even use your vacations. 247 on call no vacation, no rest, no sleep. The worst place to work. Cons: The worst place regarding work and life balance."

Worker (Current Employee) says

"Very little to like about this place, it’s a very two tier employer, if they like you, you get free lunches and preferential treatment, if they don’t like you then they come up with way to make your life hard (probably a result of a very inexperienced, foreign management team….). They have a team that was sent in from the USA to “clean up Guelph” and instead told everyone we couldn’t take vacation and they didn’t have to pay us out for the vacation we weren’t allowed to take. Cons: Long hours, Management favoritism, Inexperienced managment"

VERCAN DISTRIBUIDOR (Former Employee) says

"Comercialmente,servicio pos venta deficiente.. Cons: Sin comentarios"

Coating Technician (Former Employee) says

"The management team is horrible to with for. They say that they care about the there employees which they really don’t care. They say one thing do another. Very poor attitude towards there employee’s. Aren’t grateful when employees go above and beyond to help the company Secede"

Säljare (Former Employee) says

"Styr undan detta företag. Schweitsiskt sexistiskt ledarskap"

IT-Berater, 2ndLvl Support (Former Employee) says

"Habe leider keine guten Erfahrungen mit diesem Unternehmen gemacht. Die IT-Abteilung ist chaotisch organisiert. Der Umgang seitens der Teamleitung ist extrem steif und unpersönlich und man kann das auch nicht als mitmenschlich positiven Umgang bezeichnen. Bsp.: Obwohl mir die Teamleiterin direkt gegenüber saß, lud sie mich per Outlook Einladung zu einem persönlichem Gespräch, welches nur 5 Min. später stattfinden sollte ein. Meine leichte Verspätung (ca. 2 Minuten), da ich die Einladung nicht gleich gesehen hatte, kommentierte sie dann damit, dass eine Strafzahlung in die Teamkasse bei Verspätungen vorgesehen sei... Ebenso wurde ich für Sachen, z.B. nicht erledigte Arbeit gerügt, ja sogar persönlich beleidigt von Mitarbeitern dieser Abteilung, obwohl ich dort nachweislich noch keine Berechtigung drauf hatte und den Zugriff auf diese Berechtigungen mehrfach angesprochen habe. Kann von diesem Unternehmen daher nur dringend abraten! Cons: Zwischenmenschlicher Umgang unter aller Kanone, Organisationschaos"

Plant Manager (Former Employee) says

"They make you do all donkey work and take the benefits and dump you. All Tamilians are dominating . They will continuously give wrong feedbacks about you. Cons: Casteism"

fixture and defixture (Former Employee) says

"dont care about employees only cared about full time employees. MAnager is all about himself. they dont like you takingpersonal time off no matter if you are sick or not."

coating tech (Former Employee) says

"Lots of promises but nothing happens. Very small workplace, lots of negativity, gossiping, back stabbing and blaming others. Management changes every 2 months and then talks badly of the previous management. Very unprofessional. Cons: everything else"

Recieving Associate (Former Employee) says

"Management cares about dollars - huge separation and unbalanced standard some wander around spending half their day in breaks never addressed when the few who carry the place are pushed to keep giving more. Customers suffer while the company is getting bilked out of hours not really spent working. All the good employees leave due to this. Yearly reviews are a joke only give pennies after you go above and beyond. Get your money when your hired or you won't get it but they'll keep adding to your responsibilities though. Corporate needs to get involved, high turnover rate. Temps even leave. Cons: Culture, lazy coworkers, clown show"

Operations Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Cut Throat and back stabbing cultured."

Production Leader (Current Employee) says

"Oerlikon used to be a good place to work, however, over the last 5 month or so production is being told to work 12hr days and a day on the weekend. Cons: No work life balance, Poor managment, No promotion opportunities."

Coating Technician (Current Employee) says

"No support from manger, no way to advance in company, those who work have to do twice as much because the manager allows the slackers to sit back and sham all day. Very stressful most of the time, Company preaches TEAMWORK but does not support it. More of a "Do as I say not as I do" company. Cons: Lack of Management, to many employees allowed to collect paycheck with out putting in a full days work"

Production Supervisor Assistant (Former Employee) says

"working with production, machine operators to make sure that all ship dates were going to be met. filing all production paper work. printing all production consignment sheets. Making sure all inventory from my department was correct in SAP inventory. also keeping track of all material consumption. Cons: long long long hours the place was a mess"

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